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Frequently Asked Questions

.........Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page! Here you can read most
......questions I get asked and maybe even solve a question you have for me as well.

Website Information
  1. Who created

    I am the one and only creator of, Frosty Badge.
  2. Which website creator was used to make is a website made with Blogger (Blogspot.)
  3. Is this website made up of HTML coding or CSS coding?

    My website is made up entirely of HTML coding.
  4. Are you hiring any authors, graphics designers, etc. for this website?

    I am not currently hiring any authors, graphics designers, administrators, coders or any other positions for the matter. However, if I ever do decide to hire any positions for my website, information will be posted on this blog.
  5. Who created the graphics on this website?

    All Club Penguin graphics were originally created by Disney's Club Penguin. However, I edited them for my website.
  6. Can I use's content?

    Users are allowed to use the following content on my site:
    • Mascot Trackers
    • Support Banners
    • Free Club Penguin Graphics

    All other content is not to be used by any other users without permission from Frosty Badge. Violaters may be reported.

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Club Penguin Information
  1. What is your penguin's name?

    My penguin name is Frosty Badge.
  2. Can I meet you in Club Penguin?

    Of course you could meet me in Club Penguin! I visit the island quite a lot.
  3. Do you have any puffles?

    Yes, I have a lot of puffles! I have an orange puffle, a white puffle, a gold
    puffle, a cat puffle, a dog puffle, and all of the dino puffles.
  4. Do you use any private servers or trainers?

    No. Using private servers or trainers is against the Club Penguin rules.
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Social Media Information
  1. What is your Twitter account?

    I have a couple of Twitter accounts. My personal Twitter account is, but my Twitter account for is
  2. Can you follow me back on Twitter?

    I'm sorry to say, I do not do "follow for follow."
  3. What is your YouTube account?

    My YouTube account is
  4. Can you subscribe to me on YouTube?

    I can not currently subscribe to any users on YouTube.
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Graphics Information
  1. What programs do you use to create your graphics?

    I am currently unable to discuss which programs I use to create my graphics.
  2. Can you make me a custom penguin?

    I can not currently create any custom penguins for any users.
  3. I made you a graphic, will you use it?

    That's very kind of you! It makes me happy to hear that you'd want me to use a graphic you've made, however, I'm unable to use other people's graphics because it would not be fair to other users.
  4. Do you have any graphics I could use for my YouTube account?

    I do not currently have any graphics available for YouTube accounts, however, if I ever do they will be available at my iWallpapers page.
  5. Do you have any graphics I could use for my Twitter account?

    Yes, you can get a free Twitter background at my iWallpapers page along with free iOS iPod/iPhone and iOS iPad wallpapers!
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Coding Information
  1. Can you teach me how to code HTML?

    As good as I am at coding HTML, I'm not good at explaining how to do it at all. I'm sorry, but I can't teach you.
  2. How did you learn how to code HTML?

    Well, since I was creating my website with Blogger, I decided to look up "Blogger XML Templates" on Google for custom templates made by other users. I then studied the HTML coding of it and learned how everything worked. Later on, I soon got the hang of it.
  3. May I use your website's coding?

    No, you can not use my website's coding.
  4. Who made your website's template coding?

    I made it myself. My template is a custom made template made by me.
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