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UPDATE: My Decision!

Hi there, penguins!

So, it's been quite a while since I've last made a post. I told you guys around 7 months ago that I might be finished with Club Penguin blogging. I also told you that I would give you guys a response soon, but unfortunately, I got extremely lazy. Well, I am here now to give you my official response since I've been getting a lot of requests to give my official answer.

Sadly, I don't feel the interest in Club Penguin blogging anymore, and I doubt I ever will again. This doesn't mean that I am quitting Club Penguin, though. For the time being until I am done playing Club Penguin, I will still occasionally log into Club Penguin and run my YouTube channel, TheCPSoundtrack. If you're looking for more information on why I've decided to quit, you can check out my previous post.

The Future:
For now, my blog will remain open so that penguins can still check out past updates, or check out some of the cool pages my website has to offer like information on some of the Club Penguin mascots, stamps, guides, etc.

I will also not be selling, trading or giving away my website under any circumstances. I will also not be hiring anyone to take over my blog or work on my blog.

Thank you all for the wonderful Club Penguin blogging experience! For now, this is Frosty Badge signing off from my website!

You can keep up with me on Twitter (@FrostyBadge) - I tweet on there pretty much every day and read every mention I get! :)

You can also subscribe to TheCPSoundtrack for the latest soundtracks on the island!

See you guys on the island!

-Frosty Badge


  1. Bai!!! we will miss u P.S. keep calm and waddle on!

  2. I find it sad that such a good blogger like you will not blog anymore but well yeah. I find it great that you will keep he site open :D. I enjoyed reading your posts!


  3. Just found your blog because I'm new to CP and so glad you'll be still keeping it up for other people to view even if you're not blogging anymore. X

  4. That's a shame but its understandable you have to move on.

  5. oh no. :( Thanks for all your hard work. Your blog was my favourite. Thanks for keeping it online. Happy trails!