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Everything Club Penguin: Important News! [Please Read]

Hi there, penguins!

So, you may have noticed that I haven't posted any of this week's updates for the Pirate Party or have created a Pirate Party theme yet. Well, I have some important news for you guys to read more about.

No, I'm not quitting Club Penguin. I'd just like to make that 100% clear from the start. The thing is, I feel as if it is my time to quit Club Penguin blogging. Each time Club Penguin updates, I feel far too lazy to post, and when parties are released, I feel too lazy to make a theme. I don't feel like it is as much fun for me anymore as it used to be.

Although I am not completely clear on my decision for Everything Club Penguin yet, as of today, I will be taking a break from Club Penguin blogging. That means I will most likely not be posting any of the Pirate Party updates, or creating a Pirate Party theme.

One thing I would like to continue focusing on is TheCPSoundtrack. If you don't know what TheCPSoundtrack is, it's a YouTube channel I have created to supply users with music in Club Penguin. You can listen to the soundtracks as well as download some of the soundtracks available. However, not every soundtrack is available for downloading due to copyright.

To visit TheCPSoundtrack, you can click the image below.

My plan: I will be taking a break from Everything Club Penguin for the rest of November, and most likely partially December. By the time the Holiday Party arrives, I will make my decision on whether I wish to quit Club Penguin blogging forever, or whether I will return.

If I decide to quit Club Penguin blogging, more information about what will happen to my site will be posted.

If I decide not to quit Club Penguin blogging, I will post information about my decision, and will most likely make improvements to my website.

See you then, everyone, and enjoy the Pirate Party! I'll see you guys around Club Penguin and on TheCPSoundtrack.

-Frosty Badge


  1. I created a gaming blog about 2 years ago to help people in a pirate-themed game. I was pretty loyal to it for a few months, but then I got bored with it when I got bored with the game. I took a few month off of both and when I came back, I was okay with only blogging when I felt like it. What I have on there helps people, but I am my first priority. When I get to it, I get to it. I keep it open for those who need what's there. I've even allowed guest bloggers to add to it. It takes some pressure off of me for even longer.

    Take your break from this and come back when you feel like it. Never feel like it's a job or you might not want to return.

  2. when are the elite member missions coming back?

  3. AHHH MAN now how am i gonna know secrets and stuff and trackers as well my youtube channel will go down....well thanks anyway! My name is Megafan1 (all caps) i am 9 and a very good fan of yours and Club Penguin tell everyone i said hi and thanks 4 EVREYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Are you going to return to this site?

  5. Hire some authors dude

  6. u quit r not :l