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Secrets: The Director

You might have already heard about the Elite Penguin Force. The Elite Penguin Force is a large organization of penguins set out to make the island of Club Penguin a much safer place. They're the penguins you might have noticed waddling around the island with spy phones and cool gadgets. But, who leads the Elite Penguin Force? The Elite Penguin Force is lead by a single penguin known as The Director.

The Director is one of the most top secret penguins on the island. For years, penguins had no clue who the Director really was up until Operation: Blackout in 2012. During Operation: Blackout, a criminal known as Herbert P. Bear, Esquire kidnapped most of the Elite Penguin Force's best agents and froze them in his headquarters he built at the Ski Village. Among the frozen agents was The Director. When Herbert was defeated, the Director and the other agents were set free. When The Director was set free, you were able to see her true identity. The Director's true identity is Aunt Arctic. Aunt Arctic is the Chief Editor of the Club Penguin Times Newspaper and is one of the most popular penguins on the island.

After Operation: Blackout, the cut scene able to be viewed after you defeat Herbert during Operation: Blackout was released onto YouTube releasing The Director's true identity.