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Everything Club Penguin Weekly Review #20 - The Soccer Pitch!

Hi there, penguins, and Happy Tuesday!

With the Penguin Cup arriving next week, I thought this week would be the perfect week to review the Soccer Pitch. You can locate the Soccer Pitch at the same exact place where you could locate the Ice Rink. There's an entrance through the Club Penguin High school, and at the Snow Forts. It's not hard to miss.

The Soccer Pitch has a huge history in Club Penguin. In 2008, the room was first introduced for the Penguin Games and was a room only available to members. The Pitch is one of he few rooms on the island that contains a catalog. At the Soccer Pitch, penguins are allow to purchase items out of the Snow and Sports catalog to wear when playing sports on the island. Every once in a while, the Snow and Sports catalog changes when the Stadium does between the Ice Rink and Soccer Pitch with winter sports clothing and summer sports clothing. At the Soccer Pitch, penguins are allowed to play on the field and kick the soccer ball in the center of the field around, and even into the goals. Penguins are also allowed to enter the snacks stand, chat at the podium, or even watch their favorite team from the bleachers on both the left and right.

Over the years, the Pitch is decorated for parties that arrive on the island. From Music Jams to Halloween Parties, you can usually always find decorations in this room. during an event. Especially for the upcoming Penguin Cup, i'm betting this room will be heavily decorated. The Soccer Pitch didn't always used to look the way it does today, though. When it first opened in 2008, there only used to be a field in the shape of an oval with two giant lights hanging over the Stadium as well as two sets of bleachers in the background for penguins to sit on. There wasn't any snack stands, or podiums, or decks, or even an entrance to the school. The Soccer Stadium received its update in 2010.

What do you think of the Soccer Pitch? Do you ever visit this room? You can check back next Tuesday for review #21! Be sure to leave your comments and opinions below, and don't forget to check back for more Club Penguin Penguin Cup cheats, tutorials, sneak peeks, soundtracks, and more for 2014.

-Frosty Badge


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