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Everything Club Penguin Weekly Review #19: the Jet Pack!

Hi there, penguins!

It's Tuesday again, and like last week, it's time for a brand new Everything Club Penguin Weekly Review. I've decided to base this week's review on one of my favorite items on the island... the Jet Pack! If you look around the island, you may notice some penguins wearing the jet pack. They tend to be all over the island, but where I've noticed them wearing the item the most is at the Town or at the Plaza.

The Jet Pack was first released during the Festival of Flight in 2009. You were able to pick it up for free at the Tallest Mountain when you took a hot air balloon ride there. Once the party was over, the item was not available for a very long time until 2013 came around. When Puffle Digging was released onto the island, member penguins were able to use their puffles to dig up this rare item out of the ground and keep it. Because this item is for members only, if your membership ran out you were incapable of using the item until you get a new membership. You were also able to redeem this rare item when you bought a certain 3-month membership card in store. The code for the item was on the back of the card.

You might not always see the Jet Pack on a penguin, though. You can still spot this rare item around the island, but are still not able to pick it up. For example, you can see a Jet Pack at the Beacon where you play Jet Pack Adventure. You can also see the Jet Pack in some postcards, in the Club Penguin Times Newspaper, or even on one of Club Penguin's most well-known agents, Jet Pack Guy.

Special Dances: The Jet Pack is an item that allows you to perform a special dance. If you take off all of your clothes except for the Jet Pack, you will be able to hover in the air using your Jet Pack if you press the 'D' key on your keyboard or press the dance button on your chat bar. If you wear a Propeller Hat along with your Jet Pack, you can fly in the air with both items if you dance wearing nothing else but those items.

The Jet Pack is still available on the island to be both redeemed or dug up by a member with a puffle. This item is considered rare and hard to find on the island, though, but never give up! What do you think of the Jet Pack? Is it your favorite item too? You can check back next Tuesday for the next Everything Club Penguin Weekly Review. Be sure to leave your comments and opinions below, and don't forget to check back for more Club Penguin cheats, tutorials, sneak peeks, soundtracks ,and more for 2014!

-Frosty Badge


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