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Club Penguin Soundtracks: CPU Prom Theme, Penguin Cup Anthem, This is CPSN, Stadium Ambience, Shark Beatz, Hot Sauce Rock, Squids Score, & Hello Yellow!

Hi there, penguins!

Thanks to this week's big update with new Penguin Cup-based furniture, and even the Club Penguin University Prom arriving, I've got eight brand new soundtracks to share with you on TheCPSoundtrack. For those of you who don't know what TheCPSoundtrack is, it's a YouTube channel I've created to bring you all of the latest soundtracks on the island for you to listen to, and even download. If you're interested in being redirected to the download link for the soundtracks below, just click the titles above each soundtrack. If you'd just like to listen to the soundtracks, click the play button on the videos below!

Club Penguin University Prom

Penguin Cup Anthem

This is CPSN

Stadium Ambience

Shark Beatz

Hot Sauce Rock

Squids Score

Hello Yellow!

What do you think of these brand new soundtracks? Which soundtrack is your favorite out of these eight new soundtracks? Mine is Penguin Cup Anthem. You can subscribe to TheCPSoundtrack by clicking the subscribe button at my channel here. Be sure to leave your comments and opinions below, and don't forget to check back for more Club Penguin Penguin Cup cheats, tutorials, sneak peeks, soundtracks, and more for 2014!

-Frosty Badge


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