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Club Penguin: Music Jam 2014 Art Concept Sneak Peek with Cadence and Penguin Band!

Hi there, penguins!

One of the parties I'm most excited for this year is the return of the Music Jam. Not only have I heard that it will most likely not be a takeover, but I also heard that Cadence and Penguin Band will be meetable at this year's party. I'm not sure if that means that they're going to actually be waddling around the island, or just on a stage that has them appear every 5 minutes, but i'm hoping that they do waddle around! I'd love to meet Penguin Band again. Anyways, in the brand new Spoiler Alert episode I was talking about that hasn't been released yet, they also shared an art concept sneak peek of the Music Jam, and a sketch of some penguins that will apparently be partying with us on the island.

Looks just like Cadence and the Penguin Band, right? At least, i'm hoping that it's them:

In the video they said that Penguin Band and Cadence will both be visiting. Again, i'm not sure if that means they'll be waddling around or if they'll just be on a stage appearing every five minutes. Sorry again for the quality for the pictures, they were taken from the Spoiler Alert video. Also, the episode of the Spoiler Alert where these pictures came from will be released here as soon as Club Penguin releases it.

What do you think of these brand new sneak peeks? Are you excited for the Music Jam? Be sure to leave your comments and opinions below, and don't forget to check back for more Club Penguin Music Jam cheats, tutorials, sneak peeks, soundtracks, and more for 2014!

-Frosty Badge


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