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Club Penguin: Minor Updates 3/6/2014 - New Muppets World Tour Screens, Russia's Welcoming Mini-Party, New Postcards, and a New Pin!

Hi there, penguins!

Enjoying the new updates on the island? I sure am! On top of the brand new major updates on the island, there are also some minor updates you may have not noticed yet. This week's minor updates consist of new Muppets World Tour screens, Russia getting a welcoming party, new postcards, and a brand new hidden pin on the island. If you're interested in learning more about these minor updates, feel free to continue reading!

Minor Updates #1 - New Muppets World Tour Screens: With the Muppets World Tour coming up, Club Penguin's put up a couple of advertisements for penguins to check out when visiting the homepage, logging into Club Penguin, or even logging off of Club Penguin. Since all of the screens are exactly the same, just in different locations, I've decided to only show you the exit screen.

Minor Updates #2 - Russia's Welcoming Mini-Party: Now that Russian servers are now available for penguins to access in Club Penguin, Club Penguin has decided to throw a mini-party at the Ice Rink to celebrate it. You can now check out the cool decorations at the Ice Rink, and even pick up a free hat.

Minor Update #3 - New Postcards: Now that The Fair is over, there's no need for anymore Fair-based postcards to be hanging around any further. That's why Club Penguin's released some new postcards for penguins to send to their buddies, and have removed the old ones. The new postcards are Your Biggest Fan, Wanna Join My Band, You're Funny, and Actors Needed.

Minor Updates #4 - New Pin: The previous pin for February has gone missing! If you've been playing Club Penguin for a while now, you should know that it usually means a brand new pin has been hidden on the island. If you thought that, you'd be right, because a brand new pin has been hidden. If you don't like spoilers, I suggest you don't read any further. For those of you who do, the brand new pin is called the Lion Statue and is located at the Mine Shack.

What do you think of these brand new minor updates? Think I missed a minor update? Feel free to tell me which minor update I missed in the comments below, or send me a tweet on Twitter. Be sure to leave your comments and opinions below, and don't forget to check back for more Club Penguin Muppets World Tour cheats, tutorials, sneak peeks, soundtracks, and more for 2014!

-Frosty Badge


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