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Club Penguin: Operation Puffle Cheats & Tutorials 2013 - Infiltrating Herbert's Lair and Completing Operation Puffle Guide!

Hi there, penguins!

The time has finally arrived. Operation: Puffle is coming to an end, and you can now rescue the Purple Puffles on the island to receive it's chip to infiltrate Herbert's lair with, and shut down the device controlling the island's puffles. I've decided to release a guide on how to successfully complete Operation: Puffle.

Step #1 - Collecting the Puffles' Chips: In order to infiltrate Herbert's lair, you will need at least one chip from each color of puffle. Once you have collected each color of chip, Gary the Gadget Guy will talk to you giving you permission to finally enter Herbert's lair. A button will also appear allowing you to teleport to the entrance of Herbert's lair.

Step #2 - Entering Herbert's Lair: After chatting with Gary the Gadget Guy, click the "To Herbert's lair!" button as shown in the image above. You will then be taken to the room with the waterfall. Inside the waterfall is Herbert's lair entrance. To enter his lair, just waddle over to the entrance door.

Step #3 - The Ring of Fire: Once in Herbert's lair, Herbert will notice you and trap you in a ring of fire in which you can't escape from. He will then mock how easily you were trapped. You will need to finish talking to him in order to continue your mission.

Step #4 - Escaping the Ring of Fire: You're probably wondering how to escape the ring of fire. It's quite simple, actually! After surveying your surroundings, you will notice an air vent. Because I've played a lot of Batman: Arkham games, I know from experience that you can basically travel anywhere through a vent system. So, I tried it out. It turns out to escape the ring of fire, you'll need to click the vent next to you in the ring of fire in order to remove the vent cover. You will then be able to waddle into it.

Step #5 - Maneuvering Through the Vent System: The vent system is a little tricky! Inside of the vent system is steam coming from heated pipes. In order to pass through safely, you'll need to waddle through the bottom part of the vent system when the steam disappears from that area and appears in a different section of the vent system. Once you reach the top right-hand side of the vent system, you'll be able to exit.

Step #6 - Hacking Into the Puffle Chip System: After you escape the vent system, you'll need to locate the device controlling the puffles causing them to dig up coins constantly and bring them to Herbert's lair. This device is located directly to the right of your penguin when you exit the vent system on the right-hand side of the room. Click the device to begin shutting it down.

Step #7 - Shutting the Puffle Chip System Down: Once you click the device, you will need to match all of the color chips located at the bottom of the screen with their correct spot, then click the shutdown sequence button. In order to match the chips, you will need to click one, and then click the spot it goes in. Each puffle chip spot has a color dot next to it as well as text below each puffle chip spot that'll let you know which puffle chip color goes in which spot.

Step #8 - Chatting With Herbert: Once you press the shutdown sequence button, Herbert will notice the puffles have stopped bringing coins, and notice they've been released. The puffles will then exit into Herbert's lair, trample him, and drag him out of the building.

Step #9 - Accepting Your Rewards: Now that you have foiled Herbert's plot, the Director will speak with you. The Director will award you a golden trophy based on Operation: Puffle, and you will also receive 5,000 coins for your hard work.

Congratulations on completing Operation: Puffle! What did you think of Operation: Puffle? Was it better than Operation: Blackout? Be sure to leave your comments and opinions below, and don't forget to check back for more Club Penguin Operation: Puffle cheats, tutorials, sneak peeks, soundtracks, and more for 2013!

-Frosty Badge


  1. the reward given by direction ( golden trophy) i find it everywhere in my involuntary still i not found that items

  2. Waaaaaaaaay better than operation blackout but I'm a bit stuck at the vent system. How do you get through past the steam? Anyway, I think their should be another one of these missions. It could be called 'Operation Penguin' or something like that. Basically, Herbert steals everything that makes club penguin, well, club penguin. He kidnaps all the famous Penguins (Gary, Dot, Cadence, PH, Aunt Arctic, Rookie and the rest of them) apart from the director. He also steals.... the pet shop! He keeps the famous penguins to get information from them (don't think Rookie's going to be much help though) and tries to make Gary create him something that will destroy club penguin and a boat for him and Klutzy to escape on. Will the agents save the day?

    1. ok 1 aunt arctic IS director and 2 that sounds fun :DDDDD

  3. Thanks :) I loved operation puffle its awesome