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Club Penguin: Halloween Party 2013 Cheats and Tutorials - Complete Trick-Or-Treating and Transforming Guide!

Hi there, penguins!

After years of having a Halloween Party in Club Penguin, we are finally able to officially Trick-or-Treat in Club Penguin! Want to know how you can collect candy that'll allow you to purchase items and transform? I've got a complete guide for you to teach you how!

Step 1 - Finding a Trick-Or-Treat Station: What's Trick-Or-Treating without candy? In order to purchase items and transform for the Halloween Party, you're going to need some! In order to Trick-Or-Treat, you're going to need to find a Trick-Or-Treating station on the island or in an igloo. These stations will look like a pumpkin stuck in a tree stump surrounded by purple candy!

Step 2 - Choosing Your Candy: Now that you've found a station, waddle up to it, don't be shy! When you approach the Trick-Or-Treating station, you'll be asked to choose three pieces of candy. The pieces of candy you choose will disappear, and you'll find out how much candy you received after, and if you found a special piece of candy that'll allow you to transform if you're a member.

Step 3 - Buying Items with Candy: Now that you've got some candy, you could be able to purchase an item from the Halloween catalog depending on how much candy you received. You may need to Trick-Or-Treat some more to get more candy to buy the items you want. To find these items, click on the bag of candy in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Then, click the "Go To Catalog" button. Items for everyone will be covered in purple goo. Items that are for members only will not be covered in purple goo. You can see how much candy is needed to purchase an item on the catalog will be listed beneath each item.

Step 4 - Transforming: If you're a member, you may want to know how you could transform. Remember when I mentioned you could find special candy while Trick-Or-Treating that'll allow you to transform? There's nine different types of rare candies! Each are divided into three columns. There's three different columns for three different transformations. Full-Moon Fireballs transform you into a werewolf. Fang Fudgies transform you into a vampire. Finally, Zombie Zingers transform you into a zombie. If you've obtained a special candy, it will be lit up. To access these candies, click the candy bag in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. To use a candy to transform, click the "Transform" button underneath a special candy you've obtained. How many of the special candies you have will be in a pink circle above the Transform button.

Step 5 - Transformation Special Dances: Here's the best part of transforming... you can wear any item in Club Penguin you want and still be able to use the special dance! In order to use the special dances, you'll need to use one of the special candies you've obtained to transform yourself into a monster. Once you're a monster, press the dance button or the 'D' button on your keyboard to use a special dance.

What do you think of Trick-Or-Treating in Club Penguin? Which transformation is your favorite? Mine would probably have to be the vampire transformation! Be sure to leave your comments and opinions below, and don't forget to check back for more Club Penguin Halloween Party cheats, tutorials, sneak peeks, and more for 2013!

-Frosty Badge


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