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Club Penguin: Star Wars Takeover 2013 - Getting to Know the Main Star Wars Characters from the Movie!

Hi there, penguins!

The Star Wars Takeover for 2013 is drawing near, and will be arriving in just a couple of days! Excited? I sure am! I've noticed that quite a few penguins who play Club Penguin, and are aware of this new party coming up but don't know anything about Star Wars. With me being a big Star Wars fan, I've decided to help those penguins out by providing a few short biographies about the characters that have so far been known to be in the Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover so that you can get to know them better like I do.

In each biography I provide, there will be enough information for you to know their motives in the movies. You may also notice some of the characters I discuss in their Club Penguin style as seen in the image above. Spoilers for the movies will not be released in this post though, so no need to worry about those in case you're planning on watching the Star Wars movies for the first time.

Let's start off with my favorite character of the Star Wars movies... Darth Vader! As one of the most commonly known Star Wars characters, Darth Vader is a very important character in the Star Wars movies. From Episode IV to VI, Darth Vader is known to be the second the most dark villains in the galaxy, with the Emperor being the first. Darth Vader, trained by Emperor Palpatine (Darth Sidious,) is in charge of the Death Star, keeping the imperial forces in line, and destroying the rebellion against the Empire. As the "chosen one," Darth Vader was said to bring balance and peace to the galaxy and was taught in the ways of the Jedi until he lost his way in hopes save the ones he loved, and turned to the Dark Side.

Luke Skywalker is the most important character in Star Wars Episodes IV to VI. Trained by Yoda and Ben Kenobi, Luke was said to destroy the Empire and restore peace to the galaxy. Luke lived on the planet known as Tatooine, a very dry desert planet. Ben Kenobi watched over Luke in secret as Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen raised him to become a farmer. Unfortunately, Luke has too much of his father in him and wishes to fly away from Tatooine and become a pilot, and join his friends in the rebellion against the Empire. Later on, the time has come for the rebellion to stand up against the Empire, and Luke is trained in the ways of the Jedi in order to defeat Darth Vader and destroy the Empire.

Princess Leia also plays a very important role in Star Wars Episodes IV to VI. Princess Leia is known in the Star Wars movies as the leader of the rebellion against the Empire. Raised on Alderaan by Senator Organa and his wife, Leia was raised to believe there's still a chance to restore peace to the galaxy. Later on, Leia joins Luke Skywalker on his journey to defeat the Empire in hopes of helping destroy it.

As one of the most cocky characters in Star Wars, Han Solo plays a very important role in Star Wars, much like Luke and Leia. Han Solo was an excellent smuggler, but when Han was about to get caught, he had to dump all of his cargo. Due to that setback, Han Solo owed money to the notorious Jabba the Hutt for the lost cargo. When Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi come searching on Tatooine for a pilot to fly them to their destination, Han and his best pal Chewbacca agree to the deal to get paid handsomely in hopes of paying off Jabba the Hutt. As one of the best pilots in the galaxy, Han Solo captains the Millennium Falcon (a ship he won from one of his friends, Lando Calrissian) with his co-pilot, Chewbacca.

A very recognizable character in the Star Wars movies is Chewbacca. Although Chewbacca can't speak English, his roars and looks seem to have made him famous. Chewbacca is the co-pilot for the Millennium Falcon and is best friends with Han Solo. Chewbacca can be very friendly, but also very aggressive. In the movies, Chewbacca is seen in Episodes III through Episode VI. This famous wookie was born on Kashyyyk, and is known most for fighting alongside Han Solo in the rebellion against the Empire.

Ben Kenobi is a very old hermit who lived on the planet named Tatooine, as he watched over Luke Skywalker as Luke grew up. Like everyone, Ben had a secret. He was once a Jedi Knight who fought in the Clone Wars (a war against the Separatist) but is most known as the Negotiator. Called by his Jedi name back then, Obi-Wan Kenobi negotiated with many leaders around the universe in hopes to ally them with the Republic. When forced into hiding, Ben Kenobi waited until the right moment when he would train Luke Skywalker in hopes that he would destroy the Empire and restore peace to the galaxy. Trained by his master, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi became one of the most legendary Jedi in the universe. Later on in the Star Wars movies, Ben Kenobi joined Luke, Han, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and C-3PO on the quest to rescue Princess Leia from the Empire.

R2-D2 is a very memorable Star Wars character. Although this droid can only make noises, it's been known to make hilarious remarks in pointless arguments with C-3PO. Behind all of that, R2-D2 is a very brave droid. From the Clone Wars, R2-D2 has risked his life countless times in order to help out in battle. R2-D2 has the capability of communicating with other droids, as well as hacking systems to help the Rebel Alliance in the rebellion against the Empire. In Episodes IV through VI, R2-D2 has been partnered up with Luke Skywalker, and was with him when he trained with the Jedi Master, Yoda. There has also been numerous occasions where R2-D2 has gone solo or paired with C-3PO.

Another important droid in the Star Wars university is, C-3PO. C-3PO is a Protocol Droid, and has the capability with communicating with other droids with his ability to speak over 6 million forms of communication. Even though he's very helpful, he's also very fearful and fears many of the missions he's forced to go on. Usually partnered with R2-D2, C-3PO is a part of the Rebel Alliance along with Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and R2-D2. Even though he's partnered with R2-D2 quite often, he still becomes very annoyed with him.

Last but not least, Yoda! Yoda is one of the most powerful Jedi there is. Yoda has trained countless Jedi, and has even helped out Obi-Wan Kenobi with his training as well as training Obi-Wan's master. Yoda plays a pretty important role in the Star Wars movies. He can be seen in all six movies. In Episodes I through III, Yoda is on the Jedi Council. He participates in helping destroy the Separatists in the Clone Wars, but is eventually forced to go into hiding. In Episodes IV through VI, Yoda is in hiding much like Ben Kenobi. Unlike Ben Kenobi, Yoda is hiding on a planet noted to only be inhabited by animals named Dagobah. Later on, Yoda helps train Luke Skywalker on his quest to destroy the Empire.

What do you think of most of the main characters in the Star Wars Takeover? Are you going to become a Jedi or a Sith? Be sure to check back more, as more characters may be added later on! If you want to learn more about these characters, as well as much more, visit the official Star Wars website at Don't forget to choose your side on July 25th, at Also, be sure to leave your comments and opinions below, and check back for more Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover cheats, tutorials, sneak peeks, and more for 2013!

-Darth Badge (AKA Frosty Badge)


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