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Everything Club Penguin: Monsters University Takeover 2013 - Support Your Team with a Free Twitter Background!

Hi there, penguins!

The Monsters University Takeover will arrive in just a few days! Because many of you are excited for this party, I decided to release four brand new Twitter backgrounds based on the different teams you can choose from during the Monsters University Takeover; Team JOX, Team OK, Team PNK and Team ROR! Want to know what these Twitter backgrounds would like like on your Twitter account and how you can get them? I've taken pictures of all four backgrounds added to my Twitter account so you can know what they look like. To get whichever background you choose, just click the preview of the background you'd like and then save the image at the link it redirects you to onto your computer, then upload it to Twitter as your background! A small tip: make sure your background is positioned to the left, otherwise it won't position correctly on your account.

Which team will you support? Right now, I'm sporting the Team OK twitter background on my Twitter account! Don't forget you can also check out the latest iPad and iPod/iPhone wallpapers available on my website for the Monsters University Takeover by clicking here. Be sure to follow me on Twitter ( and to check back for more Monsters University Takeover cheats, tutorials, sneak peeks and more for 2013!

-Frosty Badge


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    1. Hi there, again! Thanks for the compliment! :) As for the Blogroll position, I can't add any websites that has used my content without permission, sorry! :(

  2. Wow this is really cool!! I am supporting team OK which one are you guys supporting? can't wait one more day! :) =]