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Club Penguin: Monsters University Takeover Cheats and Tutorials 2013 - Complete Scare Games Guide!

Hi there, penguins!

The Scare Games have finally begun on Club Penguin. It's time to get your scare on and compete in the Scare Games to earn your frat points to be announced the winner. How can you compete in the Scare Games? There are two options! You can click the yellow Scare Can in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and click the "Play Scare Game" button at the top of the screen, or you can waddle over to the Scare Games activity start at Monsters University. The entrance to Monsters University is at the Snow Forts. Once at Monsters University, waddle into the building with the bikes in front of it, then head over to the "Scare Challenge" sign.

Scare Games Checkpoint #1: Choosing Your Team! The most important part of the Scare Games is choosing your team. Of course, you have the option of choosing any team you want whenever you want. Once you start the Scare Games challenge, you'll see a screen with the frat team names on the right-hand side of the screen. You can choose from OK, ROR, PNK or JOX. I chose OK.

Scare Games Checkpoint #2: Taking the First Steps! To play the Scare Games, you're going to need to know the basics in order to scare properly. When playing the Scare Games challenge, you only have 3 lives. If you lose all three, you will be exited out of the game and told how many points you have earned for your frat team. Those points will then be added to the overall score (as you can see in the image above) and your team will be placed in either first, second, third or forth place of the games. To move in the Scare Games challenge, you must use your arrow keys on your keyboard. The 'up' arrow key will allow your monster to jump over obstacles. The 'right' arrow key will allow your monster to move to the right. The 'left' arrow key will allow your monster to move to the left. The 'down' arrow key will cause your monster to float down (when in the air) faster than usual. If you hold down the 'up' arrow key, your monster will glide using it's wings, but only for a limited time. If you hit one of the obstacles, you damage the sleep bar that measures the amount of time you have to make it to the end of the challenge and scare the penguin before he/she wakes up. If the bar ends before you reach the end and scare, you lose a live for waking up the penguin you have to scare.

Scare Games Checkpoint #3: Scaring! Now, for the best part of the Scare Games challenge... scaring the sleeping penguin! Once you reach the end without the penguin in bed waking up, waddle over the red platform in front of the bed. You will then need to press the 'space' bar on your keyboard in order to scare the sleeping penguin once the arrow under the scare can by the bed is in the green section of the bar underneath it (as seen in the image below.) Once you do so, you will move onto the next level.

Scare Games Checkpoint #4: Outside Scaring! Once you've earned enough points, and are a member, you can redeem Monsters University costumes to scare penguins waddling around the island outside of the Scare Games Challenge mini-game! At the items list, to know which items allow you to scare penguins, there is a 'D' keyboard button on top of it. To scare penguins on the island, dance with whichever item allows you to scare when next to penguins in order to scare them! You'll then receive points for scaring. In the image below, the Mike's Costume and Squishy Costume allows you to scare on the island.

What do you think of the Scare Games? Are you going to participate? If so, which team are you rooting for? Be sure to leave your comments and opinions below, and don't forget to check back for more Club Penguin Monsters University Takeover cheats, tutorials, and more for 2013!

-Frosty Badge