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Everything Club Penguin Weekly Review: Puffle Expert Costume VS Gourmet Puffle-O's Bag!

Hi there, penguins! 

With the Puffle Party of 2013 now on, member penguins are finally adopting their rainbow puffles after earning their Puffle Expert costumes. For nonmembers, penguins have been retrieving their Gourmet Puffle-O's Bag for completing all of the Puffle Tasks. For this very reason, I've decided to base this week's weekly review on both items!

As you know, both were released during the Puffle Party of 2013. One costume is for members only, and one is for all players. While wearing these items, you'll be able to perform two different special dances. While wearing the Puffle Expert costume and the Gourmet Puffle-O's Bag, when you dance, you'll be able to raise a shaver into the hair then turn around and trim a rainbow puffle's hair. If you're a nonmember and don't have the Puffle Expert costume, you can just use the Gourmet Puffle-O's Bag to set out puffle-o's on the floor for puffles to eat when you dance.

Puffle Expert Costume Rating: The Puffle Expert costume is made up of 5 different items. The Puffle Hotel Cap, the Puffle Trainers, the Spa Towel, the Puffle Groomer Outfit and the Gourmet Puffle-O's Bag. In my opinion, the costume isn't completely stylish. Although, it does perform a cool special dance. For appearance, I'd have to give the Puffle Expert costume a 5/10. For it's special dance, I'd give it a 2/10. Overall, I'd give it a 7/10.

Gourmet Puffle-O's Bag Rating: The Gourmet Puffle-O's Bag is an item that all penguins can receive for completing the Puffle Tasks. It's special move is handing out Puffle-O's. For appearance, I'd give this Gourmet Puffle-O's Bag a 3/10. For it's special dance, I'd give it a 3/10 and as an overall rating, I'd give it a 6/10.

How would you rate these two items? Which do you like best: the Puffle Expert costume or the Gourmet Puffle-O's Bag? What should I review in next week's Everything Club Penguin Weekly Review? Be sure to leave your comments and opinions below, and don't forget to check back for more Club Penguin cheats, tutorials, sneak peeks and more for 2013!

-Frosty Badge


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