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Everything Club Penguin: Frequently Asked Questions!

Hi there, penguins!

Recently, I've been getting quite a few tweets, emails and even comments asking different questions. Because I have some free time today, I've decided to create a brand new post to answer most of the questions you have asked me over time that haven't already been answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

  • Can you send me a buddy request in Club Penguin? 
I don't send any buddy requests in Club Penguin due to the amount of buddy list glitches. If you see me on the island, you can always send me a buddy request, and if I have a spot on my buddy list, I'll accept your request! The buddy list bugs occur often, so I don't send any buddy requests to prevent confusion with penguins on the island. I usually never know if another penguin is experiencing buddy list glitches when I send the request, so I don't know if the request went through properly.

  • What programs do you use to edit? 
That's one of the questions I get asked most often! Unfortunately, I don't like to share the programs I use.

  • Why can't you tell us the programs you use to edit?
It's so that people don't search the programs and manage to download it from an unsafe website causing their computer to receive a virus or cause any other problems to their computer.

  • Do you have a coin or membership code that I can have?
Sadly, I don't really purchase any products from Club Penguin anymore, or any plush toys for that matter. However, I do still purchase membership codes but only for my penguin. Sorry about that!

  • Are you hiring on your website? 
I'm not currently hiring on my website, sorry. If I do start to hire, though, I'll post information about how penguins can try to become an author on my website.

  • Can I use your website's graphics for my website? 
The only graphics on my website you can use on your website is my support banners and trackers, as long as you don't edit the coding or the graphics. Everything else is off-limits. Sorry that I don't let others use them, it's just that I put a lot of work into my graphics and I don't think it's fair for someone to just take them and use it for themselves.

I hope this answers most of the questions you have for me! If you have any others, you can contact me on Twitter (@FrostyBadge) for a fast response, or you can send an email to or

-Frosty Badge


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    1. I didn't include that page because I don't allow others to give out my iWallpapers on their website.

  2. Maybe you should add these questions to the FAQ page, or link this post on to the page