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EPF Corner: New Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone Message from Jet Pack Guy! For more information, click here.
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Club Penguin: New Elite Penguin Force Mission Exit Screen Advertisement!

Hi there, penguins!

It appears that the Elite Penguin Force is going to be getting some brand new updates pretty soon. Starting April 5th, Elite Agents are going to be able to solve a top secret case on the island with their new spy phone and possibly some other cool gear! Club Penguin's recently released a brand new exit screen advertisement advertising this upcoming event.

What do you think about this? Are you excited to solve some clues if you're an elite agent? Be sure to be a member on April 5th through April 16th! Also, don't forget to check back for more Club Penguin cheats and tutorials for 2013 and to leave a comment below containing your opinions about this new update.

-Frosty Badge


  1. Will it only be for members?

    1. Well, the exit screen says, "Members can crack the case with new Elite Gadgets" so I'm pretty sure it's mainly for members. There might be some nonmmeber capabilities though, I doubt Club Penguin would exclude them.