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Club Penguin: Card-Jitsu Snow Battling Guide!

Hi there, penguins!

Now that Card-Jitsu Snow is finally available for beta testing today, I've decided to help out the confused penguins who don't know what to do while battling the Card-Jitsu Snow villains. I've created a guide to Card-Jitsu Snow battling, right here in this post!

This game relies strictly on power cards, so you'll need a lot. When you enter the game, you will be able to choose which element you would like to battle with. You can choose from either fire, snow or water.

It might help you a little to know more about each element, so when you click the element you would like to battle with, there will be a description next to the element you chose. Of course, if you don't like the element you chose, you can change it by clicking one of the arrows next to the "Play" button at the bottom of the screen.

When you begin, you'll start on the left-hand side of the board along with your partners who joined. The object of the game is to move across the board and attack the Card-Jistu Snow villains by clicking the glowing boxes that appear before your penguin. To attack a snowman, you must be close enough to do so. When you are, a green targeting symbol will appear over a snowman you can attack. Click the snowman you wish to attack. Also, be sure to watch your health bar! If one of the villains hit you enough, your play will be knocked out for a while.

When you work your way up to a power card, one of your power cards you penguin has will appear at the bottom of the screen. If close enough to a snowman, you can click the power card then click one of the snowmen to perform a special move which will hurt the snowman more than your basic hits.

When numerous players use a special move during the same turn, you will perform a combo.

What do you think of this Card-Jitsu Snow Battling Guide? Are you ready to battle in Card-Jitsu Snow? Be sure to leave your comments and opinions below, and don't forget to check back for more Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Snow cheats, tutorials and more for 2013!

-Frosty Badge


  1. Thanks for the guide! I have some tips too that you can add if you want:

    Water ninja - you know how Tank is the strongest villain? Well, the water ninja is basically the ninja tank! It is the strongest, and can take more hits, so it should be first into battle. You want the enemies to attack water, to make sure your healer (snow) doesn't get knocked out first!

    Snow ninja - is the healer! It's important for the healer to stay behind so they don't get attacked first. Remember snow can heal and attack from 3 spaces away, so there's no need for snow to get close to the enemy! Snow ninjas can't heal themselves either, so it's even more important that they stay safe.

    Fire ninja - the main role is to deal damage. It can attack from two spaces away, so it should also try to stay back a little bit, and let the water ninja get right next to the enemy.

    Villains - Tank is really slow (can only move one space) and can only attack the space next to it, so it's very easy to avoid. Sly and Scrap are actually more dangerous, because with their long range, they can target the snow ninja from far away. If your healer gets knocked out, you're in big trouble! It's usually best to focus on Sly and Scrap first, and with them out of the way, Tank will be much easier.

    1. It was a pleasure to provide a guide! And, wicked fighting tactics! I'm sure you'll do epic when Card-Jitsu Snow is officially released onto the island.

    2. Someone knows how to play this game. Finally! Whenever I play the Snow Ninja just attacks the monster and doesn't heal me or the Fire Ninja. I have things to add to your tips.
      Tank - When he's able to attack he has a 3 tile range. If he's attacking from the right side of the map his attack will middle top and bottom o

      If the everyone is standing in that position and he attacks the middle they will all get hurt.
      This also goes for Scrap because his attack is like a power card, 9 tile range.

      Scrap - I recommend that the Water Ninja goes after him or Sly because Tank has bad range like the water ninja so if the Water Ninja and Tank get in a battle the Water Ninja is most likely to have his health turn red. Your probably thinking that since the Water Ninja has bad range Scrap will take him out, but Scrap is Stupid and is most likely to move right next to you.

      Sly - There's not really much to say he does low damage but can move far. He is basically the Snow Ninja, but can't heal his teammates.

      I'm sorry if this had any errors or had the wrong facts.