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Club Penguin: Prehistoric Party 2013 Cheats and Tutorials - Pre-Historic Island Map Sneak Peek!

Hi there, penguins!

Not too long ago today, Club Penguin released a special Prehistoric Party 2013 sneak peek of what appears to be the map that will be available during the party. In the new sneak peek of the Prehistoric Party 2013 map, you'll notice a few things such as buildings, and even the Time Trekker!

Ever wondered what Club Penguin looked like millions of years ago? Here's a Prehistoric map of the island! ^Polo Field

What do you think of the brand new sneak peek Polo Field has given us? Are you excited to travel back in time to the prehistoric days to visit the dinosaurs? Are you going to look for Gary the Gadget Guy during the Prehistoric Party of 2013? It all starts on the 17th, so be sure to check back on that day for some epic Prehistoric Party 2013 cheats.

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