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Everything Club Penguin Weekly Review: The Ice Rink!

Hi there penguins! 

It's the third week since I've started Everything Club Penguin Weekly Reviews, and I thought I should do a special room-based review for this week's post. Since this room returns every year around the Holiday Party, what better room review than the Ice Rink? 

The Ice Rink dates back to the year of 2005, back when Club Penguin was first starting out. As a well known room, the Ice Rink attracts many penguins on many servers. The Ice Rink has been seen many times in Club Penguin. The Ice Rink is usually decorated for the Holiday Party, was seen in some of Club Penguin's books at the Book Room (now known as the Club Penguin Times room), top secret P.S.A. missions, and was even seen in some of Club Penguin's videos that are uploaded on their official YouTube channel!

The Ice Rink could be accessed numerous ways. You could get to the Ice Rink when it's available through the enterance at the Snow Forts (as seen in the image above), you could use your map or you could use your Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone's teleporting tool to get there (if you are a secret agent). The Ice Rink is always available at the Stadium around/in December. At the Ice Rink, you could purchase spots gear to play Hokey from the Snow and Sports catalog, and you may also play Hokey by waddling into the hockey puck causing it to slide around the rink. The object of the game is to get the hockey puck into the net, but there is never any points calculated when playing the game. You also do not receive coins for playing. Lastly, at the Ice Rink, your penguin automatically has the capability of using the slippery waddling affect. Your penguin will waddle differently than you normally do in other rooms due to the fact that you're waddling on ice. 

What did you think of this week's Everything Club Penguin Weekly Review? Have you seen the Ice Rink, or ever been there before? What would you like me to review in next week's review? Have you ever visited the Ice Rink during the Holiday Party? Remember: Everything Club Penguin Weekly Reviews are posted every Sunday! So, be sure to check back next Sunday for the next Everything Club Penguin Weekly Review. 

-Frosty Badge


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