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Everything Club Penguin Weekly Review: The Everyday Phoning Facility!

Hi there penguins! 

It's week two since I've decided to release weekly reviews based on some of the stuff you can see on the snow-filled island us penguins call home, Club Penguin! This week's weekly review is based on the mysterious building at the Ski Village that gets most of the penguins on the island who notice it talking about it... the Everyday Phoning Facility!

Before destroyed, the Sports Shop used to be in the exact spot the Everyday Phoning Facility. Not many penguins know exactly what happened that day, but the entire Ski Village and Sports Shop was mysteriously filled up with popcorn. Due to that tragic event, the Everyday Phoning Facility was built in it's place on May 27th of 2010. Ever since, penguins wearing gear not available to the average Club Penguin penguin have been spotted entering and leaving the building. Once inside, they disappear! Where could they be going and what could they be doing inside the Everyday Phoning Facility that's so important? 

When Herbert took over Club Penguin in November of 2012, he spread the mystery's answer wide open! The Everyday Phoning Facility was the secret base of Club Penguin's top secret agency, The Elite Penguin Force. The Everyday Phoning Facility even has the Elite Penguin Force's initials in the name - Everyday Phoning Facility! In the time that the Everyday Phoning Facility has been blown up and attacked 2 different times, both by Herbert P. Bear, Esquire. What other secrets could this building hold? You decide! Leave your comments and opinions about this week's Everything Club Penguin Weekly Review. 

-Frosty Badge


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