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Everything Club Penguin Weekly Review: Herbert P. Bear!

Hi there penguins! 

I've decided to bring a brand new addition to my site that'll allow you to learn much more about Club Penguin. Each week I will post a brand new Everything Club Penguin Weekly Review discussing certain stuff in Club Penguin. For this week, I'm going to discuss Club Penguin's most villainous polar bear... Herbert P. Bear, Esquire!

Over the past few days, Club Penguin's been in one huge blackout caused by Herbert. Herbert's goals are to take over the island and defeat the Elite Penguin Force. Well, that day has finally come along with Operation: Blackout. Herbert came to the island after accidentally tipping his ice berg when he was in search of a warm place. Ever since, he's been causing a reign of terror secretly in Club Penguin. As a counterattack, the Elite Penguin Force has foiled his plans every single time, including during Operation: Blackout (which occurred when Herbert P. Bear successfully took over Club Penguin.) 

With his helper, Klutzy, always at his side; Herbert has always been able to escape the Elite Penguin Force's clutches and is still at large. During Operation: Blackout, Herbert has made his very first appearance on the island as a mascot handing out a background, adding penguins to his buddy list and even allowing penguins to receive his stamp! 

Want to learn more about Herbert? You can always visit Herbert's mascot files page by clicking here. Also, what would you like me to review in the next Everything Club Penguin Weekly Review? You can comment below with your answer, or you can send your suggestion to Don't forget to leave your comments and opinions about Herbert P. Bear and this brand new weekly review below. 

-Frosty Badge


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