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Club Penguin: Operation Blackout Cheats and Tutorials for 2012 - Herbert P. Bear & Klutzy's Player Card and Background!

Hi there penguins! 

With Operation Blackout now on, Herbert P. Bear has been spotted around the island meeting penguins since he has taken over the island. As the only polar bear on the island, Herbert has a player card, background, stamp any other capabilities like the other mascots. 


Along with Herbert's brand new player card, he has a background to hand out to the penguins who meet him on the island! In this new background, you can check out Herbert with his pet or henchman, Klutzy along with Herbert's signature at the very bottom. 

What do you think of Herbert's brand new player card and background? Are you going to meet him so that you could add him, get his stamp, collect his background and see what he has to say for himself to all of the penguins on the island? Be sure to leave a comment! 

-Frosty Badge


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