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Club Penguin: Herbert's New Stage Play - My Awesome Life - The Herbert Story and a New Costume Catalog Sneak Peek!

Hi there penguins!

Recently on Twitter, Herbert tweeted about the previous Field-Op mission that was assigned to us, as he clearly was the one who hacked into the EPF's systems. Well, I decided to reply to his tweet, "I'm curious as to WHY you're mad. It's your fault you came to CP in the first place..." Later, he replied to my tweet with this very interesting detail about a new Stage play coming soon to the Stage in November.

All the details of my tragic arrival will be revealed in my upcoming work: My Awesome Life, showing at the Stage this November.

How do you think this new Stage play will go down? I'm not so sure myself, but Herbert has also released a brand new sneak peek of the costume catalog based on his play!

Are you excited to check it out? What do you think the costumes will be like? Don't forget to leave your comments and opinions below. Also, be sure to check back later for some more epic Club Penguin Operation Blackout cheats and tutorials for 2012!

-Frosty Badge


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