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Club Penguin: Director's True Identity Exposed [Operation: Blackout]

Hi there penguins! 

SPOILER ALERT!! With Operation: Blackout coming to an end, many penguins have been experiencing the glitch where Club Penguin allows them to successfully complete the Operation: Blackout mission before the exact release dates. Due to this glitch, penguins were able to skip to the end of Operation: Blackout and watch the end video where it shows Director's true identity! With many years of this being a great secret, penguins have had many suspicions on who the Director really is. Aunt Arctic, Puffle Handler, Penguin Band and even Rookie! But only one of those penguins are Director... 

Aunt Arctic is the Director. 

Thanks to the many penguins completing Operation: Blackout, we now know the true identity of Director and will soon ourselves be able to see the end video with our very own eyes. Be sure to check back for some more Operation: Blackout cheats and tutorials as this will only last a few more days. Be sure to leave your comments and opinions about Director's true identity below. Also, what do you think of Operation: Blackout's ending? 

-Frosty Badge


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