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Everything Club Penguin: RSS Feed Fixing!

Hi there penguins! 

As most of you know, had some domain issues causing users to not be able to find my website. Once my website was up, it caused a few problems with URL redirection and RSS feed errors. While the URL redirection errors have fixed, those who signed up with for my website's feeds are not working correctly.

The Issue: 
The RSS feed link has changed. In order to fix your RSS feed for my website correctly, you will need to first go to Once you have arrived at the site, sign into your TwitterFeed account. Then, click on the appropriate feed so you may edit it. Click the "Edit Feed" button and in the "Blog URL or RSS Feed URL (help)" section delete the RSS feed link that is there and replace it with the following RSS feed URL:

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully fix the issue you are having! If you have any questions or concerns about, feel free to email me at! Emails can take up to 72 hours for a response. 

-Frosty Badge


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