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Club Penguin: Operation Blackout Cheats and Tutorials 2012 - Gary the Gadget Guy Gets Captured by Herbert P. Bear!

Hi there penguins! 

Are you aware that Spike Hike is taking Billybob's place once Billybob leaves Club Penguin? Well, Spike Hike decided to join Twitter and on Twitter he released a brand new sneak peek of what's happening with Operation Blackout. In this image, you can see Gary the Gadget Guy's glasses broken on the floor and Herbert appears to be dragging something in the left frame. Could it be Gary he's dragging? Has Herbert captured Gary? 

The EPF has just sent me this image from one of its security cameras. What is happening here? #operationblackout (@SpikeHikeCP) 

What do you think is going on in this image? Has Gary the Gadget Guy been captured? I want to hear from you! Be sure to leave your comments and opinions about this brand new Operation Blackout sneak peek that Spike Hike gave us! 

-Frosty Badge