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Club Penguin: Halloween Party 2012 Cheats and Tutorial - Trunk Keys Scavenger Hunt Tutorial!

Hi there penguins! 

With the Halloween Party of 2012 here, a brand new scavenger hunt is available to all players! We've got to find all the missing keys to unlock the trunk below the picture of Gariwald VIII at the haunted mansion. Want to know where all the keys are and what's inside the trunk? Just take a look below.

First, you will need to click the key icon next to the moderator badge in the upper right-hand corner of your screen while on the island to begin your scavenger hunt. You can hover over the keys for clues and click each key to be taken to where the keys are. 

The first key is right below the chest when you walk straight into the haunted mansion. Click the key to collect it.

The second key is in the Cemetery. To make it appear, click the gravestone with the skull with red eyes, then click the key to collect it.

The third key is in the Dinning Room. To make it appear, click the silver platter with the lid, then click the key to collect it.

The fourth key is in the Study. The key is in the book on the top shelf, click it to collect it.

The last key is in the Observatory. To make the key appear, click the picture of the bat-puffle on the left wall. Then, click the key to collect it.

After you have collected all keys, you can return to the chest to open it with all of the keys. Once the chest is open, waddle up to it and you will be able to pick up a pair of goggles.

Wear the goggles once they are added to your inventory. After putting them on, you will be able to see all things ghost-like. Follow the arrows upstairs, then head through the ghosts doors behind the knight armor. Once you have done so, you will be able to pick up a free background from Gariwald VIII for discovering his lab! 

Then, if you're a member, you can enter the ghost chamber to become a ghost. When you're a ghost, you'll be able to complete second scavenger hunt by clicking the ghostly check mark by the moderator badge in the upper right-hand corner of your screen in-game. Then, follow the directions on the scavenger hunt to be able to unlock 3 items up to 99 times! Check it out.

Congratulations on completing the scavenger hunt. Are you going to complete the scavenger hunt(s)? Be sure to leave your comments and opinions about the Halloween Party 2012 Trunk Key Scavenger hunt tutorial I've given you below. 

-Frosty Badge


  1. thank u . u helped me in so many ways

  2. Thank you for all the tips! This is awesome! Thank you!! -MrsPretty91 :)

  3. were is the grave?

  4. By the way, it's actually "straight" on your first key hint ^.^ great posts, I always come to this website for everything!

    1. Nice catch! I didn't notice the spelling error when I was reviewing my post back when I first made it. Thanks for letting me know :) And, I'm glad to hear you visit my site often. It makes me happy to hear that!