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Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force - Field-Op #106 Complete Guide!

Hi there penguins! 

With the Halloween Party over, Gary the Gadget Guy has assigned all agents a brand new Field-Op to complete and earn a medal from. How do you complete this week's Field-Op? I can help you out with that questions! Below is a brand new Field-Op guide just for you to check out and use! 

First, you will need to head to the Command Room to accept your Field-Ops mission. To accept your Field-Ops mission, you will need to waddle over to the yellow screen labeled "Field-Ops" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Then, accept the Field-Op. 

The Halloween ghosts caused widespread security breaches all over the island. We must restore our defenses. Scan the EPF mainframe, and check to make sure the system is secure. Report anything unusual.

Once you have done so, head over to the EPF mainframe over by System Defender. Once you have done so, your Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone you received when you first became an Elite Penguin Force agent will begin to blink green. 

When your Spy Phone blinks green, it means that you have found the location of this week's Field-Op's mini-game! In this week's mini-game, you will need to bypass the system! Match your data with the firewall to break through. Be sharp! The system speeds up! 

Once you have completed this week's mini-game, your Field-Op will be completed. You will then receive a medal along with this following message from Gary the Gadget Guy. 

What's this? According to your scan, someone accessed top secret EPF files during the Halloween Party. It seems they went through blueprints for my inventions.... Stay on alert.

Thanks for reading this week's Field-Op guide, and fantastic job on completing this week's Field-Op! What did you think of it? I'm curious as to who went through the top secret files... Are you excited for next week's Field-Op? Be sure to check back next week for the complete guide on Field-Op #107. Also, don't forget to leave your comments and opinions about this week's Field-Op. 

-Frosty Badge


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