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Everything Club Penguin: Batman and Robin Creation!

Hi there penguins!

 Over the summer I've been creating many different graphics to share with all of my followers on Twitter! If you're a follower, you would know about the different graphics I've created. First things first, I'd like to thank everyone who followed me on Twitter over the summer. Secondly, I'd also like to thank everyone who has been nice enough to comment on my creations that I've released. They all mean a lot to hear.

I've decided that it's time I start sharing my creations with my website viewers, not just my Twitter followers! However, if you follow @FrostyBadge on Twitter, you will most likely see my creations before you do on here. Time to talk about my latest creation! You may have seen my Batman custom penguin I've created not too long ago. Well, I've recently been challenged to create a Robin custom penguin to match. I have done so and decided to release them on the site for all to view. Check them out!

Like the creations? You're always welcome to leave your comments and opinions about them below! Also, if you have any other ideas on what I could create in the future, be sure to leave that in a comment as well. I have created tons of other custom penguins, but I'm not sure if I'll be posting them on the site. If you'd like to be redirected to my Twitter account, just click here. Don't forget to follow, and comment on this post!

-Frosty Badge


  1. ya know i like mario a LOT so mabey make a mario and share it wit cp?

    1. Maybe! :) I'll be sure to think that one over!

  2. I think this is so unique, You are definitely in the top3 custom penguin designers!! They look like CP made them by themselves!! Good word! Cheers ~SammyChip

  3. you can try batman's villains! e.g:bane,riddler,joker etc!

    oh and also catwoman!!