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Club Penguin Sneak Peeks: August Adventure Party (Temple of Fruit 2012)

Hi there penguins!

 I hope you're in the mood for a little sneak peek of the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit party coming up soon this month... because you've sure got one! Recently, Happy77 (a Club Penguin worker) has released a sneak peek of what you can expect during this fruit-tastic party! Want to check out this sneak peek for yourself? Just take a look below!

What can you expect in this room?
Here's the theory! I've noticed that the picture Happy77 has released's title is "Food Fight." Will you be able to earn the Food Fight Stamp in this room? Will you be able to throw some fruit at another penguin in this room? I guess we'll have to find out for ourselves.

Rockhopper's Rare Items Sneak Peek?
In Happy77's post on the Club Penguin Official Blog, she mentioned that Rockhopper will be bringing some rare treasure along with him, then said, "Grass skirt anyone?" Could that mean that Rockhopper will be bringing along a grass skirt as an item you can get as one of Rockhopper's rare items on his ship?

Now, here's one last sneak peek! Happy77 has recorded herself going through some of the rooms that'll be available when the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit party is released on August 23rd. She had then released the video on Club Penguin's official YouTube channel. Want to check out the video? Just click the play button in the player below!

In the meantime, be sure to leave your comments and opinions about what you think can happen in this room! Will there be any stamps to earn during the party? What will you be able to do during the party? I want to hear from you, i'm sure that your opinions are unique!

-Frosty Badge


  1. Hope its not the Grass Skirt, lots of ppl already have that item!


  2. Also i think Club Penguin is starting to improve with Disney in control because they stopped doing the advertise parties! This is gonna be great!