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Club Penguin: New Book - The Epic Official Guide!

Hi there penguins!

 Think you've got all of the Club Penguin books already? Well, think again! Happy77 has released information about a brand new Club Penguin book is being released all over the United States and Canada called The Epic Official Guide! Why's this book so special? you will be able to unlock a rare item online called the Expedition Backpack! Check it out.

Epic Official Guide-sm.jpg

Are you living in the United States of America or Canada? If so, are you going to be purchasing this book when it comes out? Be sure to leave your comments and opinions about what you think this book is going to contain inside and if you're going to be buying it.

-Frosty Badge


  1. Awesome! Even though I live in the UK I can get this as it is on :) Ty Frosty Badge!

  2. is it only availible at usa im in ireland