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Club Penguin: Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Cheats and Tutorials of 2012 - Brand New Members & Non-Members Items!

Hi there penguins!

 Have you ever been to one of Club Penguins parties hosted in-game before? If so, you'd know that Club Penguin ALWAYS has an item for both Non-Members and Members to pick up or buy at the party. As you should know, the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit has been released, therefore there is some new Non-Member and Member items for you to pick up.


Hidden Item (#1): Apple Tiki Paint
Location (#1): In the face of the Volcano costume.

Hidden Item (#2): Watermelon Tiki Paint
Location (#1): The dark purple dot next to the Apple Headdress


Are you going to pick up any of these Member or Non-Member items? Be sure to leave your comments and opinions about the brand new Member and Non-Member items below. I want to hear from you about the new Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit items!

-Frosty Badge


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