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Everything Club Penguin: Membership FAQ

Hi there penguins!

Recently, I've been noticing a lot of penguins around Twitter and in Club Penguin confused about memberships. They've been asking a lot of questions, and I am sure that many of them have not gotten answers yet. So, I talked with Katie, a Club Penguin Support Representative, earlier this evening to get some answers for you.

Q: What is a membership?
A: Membership allows extra privileges, such as dressing up your penguin, decorating your igloo, adopting more Puffles and even seeing exclusive rooms!

Q: Why is there memberships in Club Penguin?
A: In order to keep making cool new things for every penguin, we require a source of funding. Most websites use advertisements, which we do not believe our users should be subjected to. In order to keep Club Penguin advertisement free, we decided to offer a special membership package. This is an available option for any player that's interested in experiencing everything that Club Penguin has to offer.With all of the help from our member penguins, we are able to provide many exciting aspects of the game to all penguins such as amazing parties and mini-games, to free items for any penguin to collect.

Q: Why is it that when you attempt to redeem a membership card that is not from the country you live in, it says something like, "You currently cannot redeem a non-Canadian membership card. Please contact support?" 
A: The reason you cannot use a Membership Card you purchase in the UK in Canada is because memberships are different prices in different places.

Q: Must you be a member to meet Club Penguin mascots? 
A: You do not need to be a member to meet any of the famous penguins on the island.

Q: If you are banned forever in Club Penguin, are you allowed to get your membership transferred to another penguin or get your money back for the membership you paid for? 
A: Memberships are non-transferable.

Q: Where could you get a 7 day membership?
A: Current we do not offer a 7-day membership that can be purchased.

Q: Why do 3 month memberships come with rare items, but other memberships like the 6 month memberships don't?
A: The rare items that can currently be redeemed with 3-month membership cards are just a current promotional offer we have. You never know what may happen in the future

Q: Where could I find out more information about the features you receive when becoming a member in Club Penguin? 
A: A good page to check out is the one I have included below. It mentions all of the current Member Benefits. Once on this page be sure to click on the 'Member Benefits' button:

Another good spot for information regarding memberships can be seen that the link below: 

Thanks for all of your time, Katie! I hope that this FAQ will help everyone who has questions about memberships in Club Penguin. If you have any other questions about Club Penguin that you'd like to be featured in the next FAQ on, feel free to email me at! Don't forget to leave your comments and opinions below.

-Frosty Badge