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Everything Club Penguin: Mascots Page Update!

Hi there penguins!

Recently on Twitter, I have announced that I had officially changed the Mascots page for Everything Club Penguin. Instead of having to be redirected to a Wix website, I have decided to bring the Mascots page here with a whole new look! Want to check out this updated Mascots page? Just click the image below, or click here.

What do you think of the updated Mascots page? If you feel that I am missing anything, or you'd like to report any bugs with the page, please feel free to contact me at! Don't forget to leave your comments and opinions about the updated Mascots page below.

-Frosty Badge


  1. Hey, Frosty Badge. I'd just liked to say thanks for posting that ''What non.members furniture looks like because that picture is of me! I've had lost of publicity! Your a true hero of mine!

    P.S I've read about how you got your name and it's a touching story!
    Lizzy xx

  2. Hi there, Fizlizzy1010!

    I'm sorry to say that the picture you're referring to is not of your penguin. All pictures on my website were either created by Club Penguin or edited by me. The picture you're referring to is of my non-member penguin who's name I edited out because it's a secret account (shh.)