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Club Penguin - The Party Starts Now Ringtone on iTunes!

Hi there penguins!

Recently my best friend online, Digo900, had found an extraordinary find! He had found DJ Cadence's song, "The Party Starts Now" in ringtone form on iTunes. Is he crazy to find it? I don't believe so, since I decided I should look it up myself just to double check on his find and it turned out that it's actually there! Check it out.

If you plan on using this find on your website, be sure to give Digo900 credit! And, thanks for telling me about this find, buddy. Are you excited for The Party Starts Now to officially be released onto iTunes on the 17th? Don't forget to leave your comments and opinions below!

-Frosty Badge


  1. Hi There, Frosty Badge! :) I just wanted to say- WOW! Here, at the Club Penguin Australian Team, we thought no one would of found that! But you and your friend must have really good eyes to find that! Don't forget, the FULL version of the song will be released on iTunes, Google Play and more! Are you going to buy the song? I also have a sneak peek for you! The song will be around $1.29 :)

    Waddle On,
    Club Penguin Australian Team.