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Club Penguin - Herbert Sightings?

Hi there, agents!

If you are not a secret agent, please ignore this post... however, if you are a secret agent, I believe that Hebert has once again come out of hiding. A long time ago, agents have noticed in what appeared to be Herbert in a Yeti costume at the Boiler Room in the Club Penguin Times Newspaper. Well, while reading this week's issue, I noticed a very interesting article. Check it out!
We all know that Herbert doesn't like loud noises and wants us to pipe down or be destoryed. Could this be Herbert in his Yeti costume once again? Leave your comments and opinions below about this theory, agents. I want to hear from you! 

-Frosty Badge


  1. Hello, Frosty Badge. When I came across this post, I was quite surprised!! Well, I wonder what Herbert is up to this time!! I can give you a bit of a sneak peek. Well, Keep your eye out when Cadence perform's every 20 minutes.. and you might see something. ( It doesn't appear every time!! )

    Waddle On,
    Club Penguin Support Australia.

  2. Hey, Frosty Badge. When I saw this post, the first thing I thought was IT'S HERBERT AGAIN! I thought could he give it a rest already because Club Penguin EPF agents have won the battle and you could put a full stop there(I am one so I know because on the last mission we beat him down! I'm thinking it's him! Because who else would be in a yeti costume and hates loud noises! Well many penguins could hate loud noises but I think they would bare it for the dancing jam with CANDACE!All I can say is Keep your eye out when Cadence perform's every 20 minutes because it's just great it only happens one's a year so enjoy it while it last! Also the last thing I would like so say is I think it's Herbert the sneaky bear!

    Keep up the good work and enjoy Candace's performance!

    P.S Please tell me I'f you've solved the case and remember I appreciate what your doing for CP and keep Waddling!

    EPF Agent,Member of CP