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Club Penguin - Coupons Now Available!

Hi there penguins!

Are you a Google Chrome user? With Google Chrome, you can find an extension called Coupon Companion! Once you get the brand new extension, you can find some coupons to help advertise the Club Penguin membership deals! Check it out.

Some of the deals you can get is a 6 month membership for the price of 5 months and a 12 month membership for the price of 8 months! How cool is that? 

When you go to a Club Penguin website each day with Coupon Companion, a small notification in the upper right-hand corner of your screen will pop up allowing you to click it if you want to view the coupons for Club Penguin. Once you do, you can click one of the coupons so that Coupon Companion will redirect you to the correct site.

Be sure to get the extension Coupon Companion today to check out some of the cool coupons that pop up. Don't forget to leave your comments and opinions below about Club Penguin's coupons. Are you going to use any of them?

-Frosty Badge


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