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Frosty Badge Videos: Meeting Happy77 at the MARVEL Super Hero Takeover of 2012!

Hi there penguins!

Early today a member of the Club Penguin Team, Happy77, had announced on Club Penguin's official Twitter account that she was online on the server Sherbet. When I logged on, I decided that since I have gotten video of me meeting Billybob during the Halloween Party that I should record me meeting Happy77 as well! Therefore, check out this brand new video of me meeting Happy77!

What did you think of my brand new video? Have you spotted your penguin in the video? Did you get the chance to meet Happy77 at the MARVEL Super Hero Takeover yet? Also, if you wish to comment on the video on YouTube, just click the 'YouTube' logo on the video player. If you would like to be redirected to my YouTube channel, click here. Thanks for watching!

-Frosty Badge


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