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Club Penguin - Elite Penguin Force - Field-Ops #87 Complete Guide!

Hi there penguins!

When logging into Club Penguin to check out the updates, I have noticed that my Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone was blinking red! If you're an elite agent, you should know that when your Spy Phone blinks red, it means there's a new Field-Op for penguins to complete. For this week's Field-Op, I have completed a full tutorial on how to complete it successfully. Check it out.

First, you will need to head to the Command Room to accept your Field-Ops mission. To accept your Field-Ops mission, you will need to waddle over to the yellow screen labeled "Field-Ops" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Then, click the "Accept Field-Op" button so that you will successfully accept it.
We've detected a swarm of Doom Drones heading Downtown! The police don't stand a chance! All agents - report to the Snow Forts. Get a lock on those Doom Drones, and take them down!
Once you have done so, head to the Snow Forts! Once you have arrived at the Snow Forts, waddle over to the tan car over in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Once you have done so, your Spy Phone will begin to blink green.
When your Spy Phone blinks green, it means that you have found the location of this week's Field-Op's mini-game! In this week's mini-game, you will need to destroy the targets! Enter the x y coordinates to fire the defense cannons. Aim for the red targets. Stay focused - you must destroy twenty targets in time.
Once you have completed this week's mini-game, your Field-Op will be completed. You will then receive a medal along with this following message from Gary the Gadget Guy.
Nice work Agent! That'll slow down Protobot's plans... for now. Stay on alert. Your first priority is to protect citizens. More orders soon.
What did you think of this week's Field-Op's complete tutorial here at Everything Club Penguin? Did it help you? Don't forget to leave your comments and opinions about this week's Field-Op below!

-Frosty Badge


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