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Club Penguin - Medieval Party of 2012 Cheats & Tutorials - New Better Igloos Catalog!

Hi there penguins!

A brand new series of the Better Igloos catalog has finally been released in Club Penguin! You may now furnish your igloos with all of the latest Medieval-themed furniture Club Penguin has to offer this year. Don't worry! I've also found the hidden items and have posted their locations for you to find them easier below. Check it out!
Hidden Item: Elegant Plants
Location: Knightly Shrubbery's Shield
Hidden Item: Vine Swing
Location: The Fairy Woods Flag
Hidden Item: Armor Rack
Location: The Base of the Wishing Well

What did you think of this brand new Better Igloos catalog? I love the new furniture, and I am definately going to do my best to medievalize my igloo. Don't forget to leave your comments and opinions below!

-Frosty Badge


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