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Club Penguin - Elite Penguin Force - Field-Ops #80 Complete Guide!

Hi there penguins!

Today, when I logged into Club Penguin, I had noticed that my Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone was blinking red meaning that I have received a brand new Field-Op to complete and receive my medal for! Below is a complete tutorial on how to complete this week's Field-Op.

First, you must head to the Command Room to accept your Field-Op. You can do so by using your Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone or entering the front door in the Everyday Phoning Facility. Once you enter the Command Room, waddle over to the yellow screen labeled "Field-Ops". When you do, the screen will then pop up. You may then click the button marked "Accept Field-Op".

Last week, we investigated reports of cream soda missing from the Pizza Parlor. A note was left, signed by Rookie, but was not written by him. These may be the clues we've been waiting for, but we need more. Go to the Ski Hill, connect to the EPF antenna, and look for any unusual signals.
Once you have accepted the week's Field-Op, waddle over to the Ski Hill or use your map or EPF Spy Phone to teleport. Once at the Ski Hill, waddle behind the pole in the middle of the room. Your Spy Phone will then begin to blink green.

When your Spy Phone blinks green, it means that you have found the location of the week's Field-Op's mini-mission's location! To begin the week's mini-mission, click your Spy Phone while it is blinking green. In this week's mini-mission, you will need to break the code! Scan symbols to find the right combination!

After you have completed the week's Field-Op, you will have received a medal along with this following message from Disguise Gal, otherwise known as Dot.

Well done Agent! You've definitely found an unusual signal - the only thing I'm picking up is a strange beeping sound. Actually, the beeps are kind of catchy. They sound a bit like music. I wonder what they mean...
Good job agent, don't forget to leave your comments and opinions below!

-Frosty Badge


  1. Help my phone is green and blinking?? But when I click on it turns off!!! What?!?!?!

    1. Hi there! :)

      If you're in a specific area during a Field-Op mission, and your Spy Phone starts to flash green but when you click it it doesn't let you finish, it's just a glitch and it means you are in the wrong spot. Once you find the correct spot and you click your Spy Phone while it's blinking green and you are allowed to finish the Field-Op then you've done it correctly. If you're looking for correct location, you can always check my blog for the latest Field-Ops locations. I hope this solves your question!

  2. What do I do if my phone starts to blink?? I go to the command room but nothing happens??

    1. If your Spy Phone is blinking red, it means there's a Field-Op. However, so far it's blinking red and if you click it, it'll let you know Field-Ops are offline for now. If your Spy Phone is blinking blue, it means you have an incoming message to read.