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Club Penguin - New Treasure Book (April 2012)

Hi there penguins!

Done with the old Treasure Book fashions? Well, Club Penguin has finally released a brand new Treasure Book for you to check out with all new fashions! You can now collect rare items that only those with unused coin codes could collect. Check them out!

I love these brand new fashions! In fact, I can spot quite a few that I plan on buying coin codes for just to collect the items. What about you? See anything you like? Leave your comments and opinions below about the new Treasure Book!

-Frosty Badge


  1. what is the code for it

  2. Enter Presente for free balloons!

  3. what is the Code plz tell us!

  4. enter Bearcubs for a bear costsume and get the the ears at the gift shop for 50 coins you will be donating money and looking cute at the same time:p