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Club Penguin - Elite Penguin Force - Field-Ops #76 Complete Tutorial!

Hi there penguins!

Today, when I have logged into Club Penguin to check out all of the new updates, I have noticed that my Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone was blinking red meaning a new Field-Op has been assigned to all agents across the globe. Below is a complete tutorial on how to complete this week's Field-Op! Check it out.

First things first, you will need to head to the Command Room. You can use your Spy Phone to teleport to the Command Room, or you can simply waddle through the front door located inside of the Everyday Phoning Facility. Next, you will need to waddle over to the yellow screen labled "Field-Ops" in order to accept this week's Field-Op. Once the screen loads, click the button that says, "Accept Field-Op."

We are continuing Dot's plan to lure Herbert with EPF technology - this time with a big difference. We're NOT working undercover. Find an unplugged machine and upload a secret message onto it. Wear your uniforms, and draw attention. We WANT you to be noticed.
After you have accepted this week's Field-Op, head up to the Dance Lounge. At the Dance Lounge, you will find a red unplugged game machine. Waddle over to the machine. Once you have done so, your Spy Phone will begin to blink green.

When your Spy Phone blinks green, it means that you have found this week's Field-Op's mini-mission's location! To begin this week's mini-mission, you will need to click your Spy Phone while it is blinking green. In this week's mini-mission, you will need to bypass the system! Match your data with the firewall to break through. Be sharp! The system speeds up!

After you have completed this week's Field-Op, you will receive a medal along with this following message from Agent Dot of the Elite Penguin Force.

Well done! It must have been a bit strange trying to be noticed, instead of working undercover. You did extremely well. Hopefully Herbert saw the commotion. If he tries to break into the machine, we'll spot him. I'll be watching carefully.
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-Frosty Badge


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