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Everything Club Penguin Conversations: The EPF (Elite Penguin Force)

Hi there penguins!

Lately, I have noticed that I haven't been doing quite enough Everything Club Penguin Conversations for you guys to check out, so I have decided to bring you yet another Everything Club Penguin Conversation! In this conversation, I have talked to one of Club Penguin's support representatives, Mia, about the Elite Penguin Force. Check it out!

Frosty Badge: What is the Elite Penguin Force? 
Mia: The Elite Penguin Force is a group of penguins on the island that help to keep the island safe.  

Frosty Badge: How has the Elite Penguin Force gotten started in Club Penguin?
Mia: It was started on the island when the PSA headquarters was destroyed by Herbert.

Frosty Badge: Who is the penguin in the EPF badge?
Mia: I am not entirely sure who the penguin in the EPF badge is, who do you think it is? 

Frosty Badge: Which EPF class do you think is the best in your opinion?
Mia: My favorite EPF class would be comm because they have a super icy-cool computer. 

Frosty Badge: Why does the EPF TV screen in the Command Room begin to play some kind of video when there's penguins in all the chairs at the desk and what does it means?
Mia: When there are enough agents in the room, the TV will turn on because a meeting will start. Next time you are in there and that happens, you should pay close attention to what is playing. There might be very useful information in that video.  

Frosty Badge: Do you think any agents know Director's true identity?
Mia: I am not too sure if all EPF agents know the true identity of who the director is. I know I sure don't know who it is. Who do you think the Director is? 

Frosty Badge: I did some detective work, and it turns out, "Aunt Arctic Is The Head Of PSA" in Morse code's sound taps match up a lot to the beats in the old PSA HQ music. Is there anything I could know on that? 
Mia: Again, no one really knows who the head of the PSA was and who the Director is now. It could be Aunt Arctic but I am not too sure. Why do you think it is Aunt Arctic? 

Frosty Badge: Does Gary the Gadget Guy invent all of the EPF gear in Club Penguin? 
Mia: Yes, Gary does invent all of the equipment used on Club Penguin. He is a very smart penguin and loves to tinker with different items.  

Frosty Badge: Since PH trained all of the Elite Puffles, does that mean she is an Elite Agent as well? 
Mia: PH is most definitely an EPF agent and did an excellent job of training all of the elite puffles.  

Frosty Badge: Do you know any Elite Agents? 
Mia: I do happen to know a lot of the EPF agents. They are all great penguin pals of mine and they can all be friends of yours too!

Thanks for answering all of my questions, Mia! I hope you liked this brand new Everything Club Penguin Conversation! Make sure to keep checking back for more updates, conversations, etc. in time! 

-Frosty Badge


  1. The penguin in the badge is The Director i think.

    1. Same here! :) But, I guess we'll find out in time.

  2. I have a feeling it is either JPG or the Director.