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Club Penguin - Fashion Show of 2012 - Another New Login Screen!

Hi there penguins!

As you should know, the Fashion Show of 2012 has finally been released today. To help celebrate, Club Penguin has released two brand new login screens. The other login screen I have mentioned before was in a previous post in which you may access by clicking here. However, the new login screen I am chatting about in this post is quite different. Take a look at it below!

Are you a member? If not, are you planning on buying a membership for the Fashion Show of 2012? Leave your comments and opinions answering those questions below.

-Frosty Badge


  1. Hey its Kizzeeh! Can't really post cause my laptops broke, well I cant post. Few months I'll be getting a new laptop so I'll be back on then!

    Keep up the great work!