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Club Penguin - Fashion Show of 2012 - New Penguin Style Catalog (February 2012)

Hi there penguins!

A brand new Penguin Style catalog for the month of February in the year of 2012 has finally been released! Want to know where all the hidden items are and what the new fashions of the month are? Just take a look below! Check out all of these epic fashions for February.

Hidden Item: White Feather Boa
Location: Aqua Colored Penguin's Mouth (on the left page)

Hidden Item: Brown Shoes
Location: Pink Penguin's Mouth (on the player card view area)

Hidden Item: Silver Star Necklace
Location: The Top of the Tree on the Right Page

What is your favorite clothing item in this month's Penguin Style catalog? Are you wearing any of the items to the Fashion Show? Leave your comments and opinions below!

-Frosty Badge


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