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Club Penguin - Elite Penguin Force - Rockhopper's Quest of 2012 - Field-Ops #70 Complete Guide!

Hi there Agents... I mean... penguins!

Today, I have logged into Club Penguin and have noticed that my Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone was blinking red meaning that a new Field-Ops has been released! Many penguins don't know how to complete the Field-Op, therefore, I have created a full guide for you to check out so you may finish your Field-Op successfully! Check it out.

First, you will need to head to the Command Room to accept your Field-Op. You may waddle over to the yellow screen in the upper right-hand corner of your screen marked "Field-Ops" to accept your Field-Op. Once you walk up to the yellow screen, click the "Accept Field-Op" button.

Rockhopper needs a crew to travel to remote islands. This is the perfect opportunity to increase the EPF's security network. Disguise yourself as a pirate, and sail to Shipwreck Island. Set up an EPF radio antenna in the new beacon.
After you have accepted your Field-Op, head to Shipwreck Island. Once entering the Migrator, Rockhopper will give you instructions on how you may travel to Shipwreck Island, so play close attention. If you have already been to Shipwreck Island, click the map on the front of the Migrator and just click the island marked Shipwreck Island. Once you have entered Shipwreck Island, waddle over to where the new beacon is set up in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Your Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone should begin to blink green.

Once your Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone is blinking green, it means you have found this week's Field-Op's mini-mission's location! To begin your mini-mission, click your Spy Phone while it is blinking green. In this week's mini-mission, you must power up the chipset! Guide your micro battery by remote control. Go from the recharger to the chips. Watch out for traps!

Once you have finished this week's Field-Op's mini-mission, your Field-Op will be over. You will have received a medal along with this following message from Gary the Gadget Guy.

Well done Agent! Your signal is coming in loud and clear. The EPF can now monitor activity on Shipwreck Island. There is still no sign of Herbert anywhere. We still have no clues where he is, or what he may be planning. Our investigation continues.
Great job agents! For your next mission, I order you to leave a comment below about this week's Field-Op along with Rockhopper's Quest of 2012!

-Frosty Badge


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