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Club Penguin - Underwater Expedition Party of 2012 - Maze Tutorial!

Hi there penguins!

As many of you know, the Underwater Expedition party of 2012 has just been released today. As part of the Underwater Expedition party, Club Penguin has created a maze for us to complete to get to the final room that contains a prize. Many penguins can't seem to find their way through the maze, so I have created a complete tutorial on how to get through.

First things first, take a good look at the Maze Map located at the Beach near the entrance of the Underwater Expedition party's maze. This map will show you every turn there is in the maze.

After you have taken a very good look at the map, enter the maze. To successfully complete the maze, use the following pictures below to guide yourself through the maze. The red arrows will point the direction you will need to maneuver your penguin through to get through.

Once you have successfully maneuvered your penguin through the maze to the finish line, you will enter a room containing a free submarine costume! To view this submarine costume, click here.

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-Frosty Badge


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