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Everything Club Penguin Announcements: Official Facebook Page!

Hi there penguins!

Over the past few weeks, I have been updating my site's pages, widgets, themes and creating more and more new things for penguins worldwide to view through my site. Well, today, I have created a Facebook page just for you to check out what's new on my site and what's new in Club Penguin! Information is below.
What is the Facebook page for?
I will be updating it from time-to-time (most likely each day) with cool facts, news, graphics, etc. based on my site or Club Penguin for everyone to check out. Yes, my account is public.

Can I tell people about your page?
You can simply click the "Share" button on my Facebook page next to the "Like" button to find some cool ways on how you can share my Facebook page with your friends.

 I can't like your Facebook page?
You must have, and be signed into your Facebook account to be able to do so. You can sign up by clicking HERE.

How can I keep myself in-the-loop with your Facebook account, Club Penguin news and your site's news?
That's simple! Just 'like' my Facebook account, visiting my Facebook page by visiting the following URL; or clicking the "Facebook" widget in the "Extras" section of the left-hand sidebar on this site.

Have any other questions you'd like to ask me? Feel free to send them in! You can contact me VIA email, my email address is You can contact me VIA YouTube, my YouTube channel is You can contact me VIA Twitter, my Twitter account is Lastly, you can contact me VIA Facebook, my Facebook account is

Make sure to leave your comments and opinions below for me to review!

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  1. Thanks, going to like the Facebook page so I can stay up to date!